Become a Lifeline for Central Appalachia with a Gift.  image

Become a Lifeline for Central Appalachia with a Gift.

Your Goodwill Means Our Patients Never Have to Worry About How to Afford a Visit to the Doctor’s Office.

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Together, We Can Bring Hope, Healing, and a Brighter Future to Those Who Would Otherwise Be Left Behind.​

Your Support Empowers Us to Be their Lifeline, and Together, We are Actively Saving Lives Every Day.

Your donation today will save lives by treating medical, dental, and vision issues, many of which can be life-threatening. Most of our patients have gone years without seeing a doctor for fear of the cost or because the care was simply not available, but you've helped us be there for them.

Ways to Make a Lasting Impact

Make a tax-deductible impact by giving through stock donations, qualified charitable donations (QCDs), or donor-advised fund (DAF) contributions.

Consider including the Health Wagon in your future giving plans, you can join the many others who have made the commitment to make compassion for the precious people in poverty-stricken Southwest Virginia part of their legacy.